Lincolnshire 1837+ Marriage Indexes


These marriage indexes contain the names of bride and groom, their fathers, full date and the name of the parish. All information is transcribed from the parish registers deposited at the Lincolnshire Archives (registers that have not been deposited at Lincolnshire Archives are therefore not included). The indexes do not contain any Register Office marriages, and there are few non-conformist marriages at present. The marriage index is updated regularly as more records are transcribed - currently the period from 1850 to 1911 is being worked on.

Please read the introduction first as this contains more information on what has been transcribed for each registration district.

All indexes are in Microsoft Excel format (to save a local copy select File->Save As from you browser menu). The index files are 300-600Kb in size so will take 1-2mins to download over dial-up.


Registration District Years Introduction Index Spreadsheet (Excel)
Boston 1837-1911 Boston Introduction Boston Spreadsheet
Bourne 1837-1911 Bourne Introduction Bourne Spreadsheet
Caistor 1837-1911 Caistor Introduction Caistor Spreadsheet
Gainsborough 1837-1911 Gainsborough Introduction Gainsborough Spreadsheet
Glanford Brigg 1837-1870 Glanford Brigg Introduction Glanford Brigg Spreadsheet
Grantham 1837-1870 Grantham Introduction Grantham Spreadsheet
Holbeach 1837-1870 Holbeach Introduction Holbeach Spreadsheet
Horncastle 1837-1911 Horncastle Introduction Horncastle Spreadsheet
Lincoln (City) 1837-1911 Lincoln Introduction Lincoln Spreadsheet
Lincoln (Rural) 1837-1911 Lincoln Introduction Lincoln Spreadsheet
Louth 1837-1911 Louth Introduction Louth Spreadsheet
Newark 1837-1911 Newark Introduction Newark Spreadsheet
Peterborough 1837-1870 Peterborough Introduction Peterborough Spreadsheet
Sleaford 1837-1911 Sleaford Introduction Sleaford Spreadsheet
Spalding 1837-1870 Spalding Introduction Spalding Spreadsheet
Spilsby 1837-1911 Spilsby Introduction Spilsby Spreadsheet
Stamford 1837-1911 Stamford Introduction Stamford Spreadsheet


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N.B. As the number of marriages transcribed has grown we have noticed an error with the drop down filter on the spreadsheets (arrow in top column). Excel seems only handle the first hundred or so names then miss the rest out of the drop down. So, for example, the groom surname drop down will stop in the 'P's for the larger registration districts. When looking for surnames it may be better to sort the sheet in surname order (bride or groom - whichever you are looking for) and scroll down to the appropriate part of the sheet. To sort the data (in any order you like) use Data->Sort from the menu.